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Jack Russell’s Ridge – Latest News

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Jack Russell’s Ridge – Latest News

Below is the latest upgrades.

In continuing efforts to improve our guest stay experience, below are the latest updates

  • We now have HBO and SHOWTIME available for viewing in addition to Netflix and Hulu Plus. HBO is available through ROKU's HBOGO on the main TV. SHOWTIME is available through HULU Plus.
  • Pellet Stove is not available for guest usage as indicated in the listing description. However, we have added a realistic LED fireplace with heater that is available.
  • We have added a Power Outage Kit for when there is no power due to Thunderstorms. We only had 2 outages lasting less than 5 hours this past year. The Power Outage kit contains 2 powerful LED flashlight, portable battery charger for iPhone or Android phones and several LED candles. Please text or call us to get access to Power Outrage kit.
  • We have added a Keurig Coffeemaker and new surround sound receiver.
  • We have recently added Roku to all TVs. What is Roku? Roku instantly streams Netflix, Hulu plus and Amazon Prime which has over 20,000 of the latest movies, TV series and children videos.
  • We have upgraded Playstation 2 to Playstation 3 with two controllers. We have several PS2 and PS3 games there. However, if you want to play additional PS3 games, there is a Redbox where you can rent the latest PS3 games for $2/night. The Redbox is located at Dollar General (1005 Valley Rd,  Berkeley Springs, WV 25411)
  • We also now have both a charcoal and propane tank grill. The charcoal grill is near the fenced in area and the propane tank is near the patio door. We don’t provide charcoal so please buy charcoal if you wish to use the grill. The local Food Lion sells charcoal. 

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We enjoyed your wonderful cabin - it was a home away from home and much more quiet!! Enjoyed the grill and the outdoor dining area. We especially enjoyed the Koi Pond and the evening symphoney of frogs, crickets, and cicadas

Kari & Karen Thyne, Arlington, VA

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